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The breathtaking light and colours of Africa. Photoblog.

Our happiest memories in life are often made up of inspirational moments.

For a great many people who have been on safari in Africa, those moments come during what we call the golden hour. The magical period as the sun dips toward the horizon in the evening.

Picture the scene: You are stood out in the middle of the African savannah, surrounded by loved ones, family and friends, a refreshing drink in hand watching the atmosphere turn to ever changing soft hues of yellows, oranges, reds and violets.

Or floating down stream on a morning boat safari watching the sunrise as the mist slowly lifts from the mighty Zambezi river.

These are moments that last a lifetime!

Below is a selection of photos of the sort of scenes that you could witness with us "On Safari-in" various parts of Africa.

On Safari-in welcomes you to contact us. We would love to organise your perfect safari, tailor-made according to your needs and interests, if you wish to be privately guided by an expert guide for your safari or discover Africa on your own.

On safari-in is run by a passionate and experienced nature guide, guide trainer and lodge manager with over a decade's experience in wilderness areas across Southern and East Africa.

Phil Bennett- Founder, Private guide and safari specialist

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