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A vast landlocked country  in south-central Africa that boasts vast and fascinating wilderness areas teeming with wildlife


Safari experiences and lodges of the very highest quality and near unparalleled levels of exclusivity.


The famous and fabulous Okavango Delta. Simply one of Africa's top safari destinations.


Contrasting but highly rewarding safari experiences in the Makgadikgadi  Pans and the Central Kalahari.


High-quality safari areas such as Linyanti, Moremi, Savuti and Chobe.


A wide range of safari activities such as game drives, boat safari, walking safari, night drives,  quad biking and Botswana's famous dugout canoes - Makoros

Botswana is a truly breathtaking country.
Safari here can be extremely rewarding, with areas of almost otherworldly beauty, fantastic game sightings, an unparalleled sense of exclusivity and the feeling that conservation here really matters.  
Botswana has long positioned their eco-tourism market to follow a high cost - low occupancy model and so to enjoy the obvious benefits of this, does mean that safari here is expensive.
Those willing to pay though will be treated to some really memorable and meaningful experiences. Owing to the exclusivity of the camps, the nature of the habitat and the distances between camps, travelling around the safari destinations in Botswana is mainly with light bush airlines who operate a finetuned and well-managed network of flights for safari guests
Chief among Botswana's many natural wonders is the Okavango Delta. Although the great rifting of the African continent is mostly associated with East Africa, its most southernly rifts and fault lines are responsible in Botswana for creating a basin into which rivers, with their sources in the Angolan highlands, flow. Slowing and spreading in this basin into a delta (or more correctly an alluvial fan) This is a fascinating set of ecosystems consisting of permanent and seasonal floodplains and ever-changing channels and rivers, interspersed with islands and sand deposits.
Factor in the habitats and reserves surrounding the delta itself and which are often part of or paired with a safari itinerary in the Okavango. Such as Moremi, Linyanti, Chobe and Savuti and you have a huge variety of different landscapes and habitats to explore, encompassing an array of different types of woodlands, grasslands and scrublands, each different from the last but equally teeming with all the wildlife you would associate with African safari and a whole lot more...
Botswana's Okavango offers some the very best big cat viewing in Africa, some magnificent elephants and elephant experiences, fantastic opportunities to see the highly sought after painted wolf or African wild dogs, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, beautiful and rare antelope species such as the red lechwe and sitatunga, to name just a few. In the waters dwell hippo, crocodile, otters and a myriad of amphibians and reptiles. Add to that stunning bird life including some species rarely seen elsewhere, some splendidly coloured and there is plenty to keep everyone happy on a safari here.
Elsewhere in Botswana, in stark contrast to the Okavango Delta and very rewarding safari destinations are Makgadikgadi pans and the Central Kalahari. Makgadikgadi salt pans, in particular, has been described as an otherworldly landscape with some interesting species adapted to more arid and desert landscapes such as brown hyena, aardwolf, bat-eared foxes, the notorious honey badger and the famous black-maned lions of the Kalahari.
There is also a wonderful opportunity to spend time with a habituated group of meerkats too! 
A very different experience to any other safari, it also offers sleep-outs under the stars of the stunning southern skies, quad biking and the opportunity take a guided walk with native San bushman in addition to game drives.
Botswana has so much to offer and is one of the highest quality safari experiences in Africa. We love it!
Please feel free to send us a message or give us a shout. We would be delighted to advise you on a safari in Botswana and arrange the whole itinerary to your particular wishes and needs.
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