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Silverback Eastern Lowland Gorilla, D R Congo

DR Congo

Volcanoes viw from Mount Nyirongongo, D R Congo

Mount Nyirongongo -

Possibly one of the most breathtaking experiences we have ever witnessed


Mountain Gorillas


Eastern Lowland Gorillas

Eastern Lowland Gorilla, D R Cogo

Visiting the Democratic Republic of Congo would not be the top of most people's list of holiday destinations. It is understandable given the region's instability right up to fairly recent times. However for those adventurous souls, a few days added on to a Rwanda trip can provide one with truly amazing experiences. Entering the eastern most region of Congo (Kiva) across a land border with Rwanda, it is possible to trek Mountain gorilla in the Virunga Mountains; alternatively Mountain gorilla can also be seen in Rwanda or Uganda.

The nearby volcano of Nyirangongo however is unique. Climbing this peak, spending the night in a hut at the top, and staring in to the largest live lava lake in the world is definitely one of the best things we have ever done!

After coming down from the heights of Nyirangongo, you could hop on a ferry down Lake Kivu to the town of Bakavu and from here it is possible to visit the Kahuzi-Biega National Park and trek to see the Eastern Lowland Gorilla which are arguably even more impressive than their Mountain gorilla cousins. Exiting the Congo back into Rwanda from here would take you back to Kigali (Rwanda's capital) via the fantastic Nyungwe forest which is also well worth a few days stop over.

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